Kashetter Group Of Firms has started its journey since 1964 in Bangalore. We have the best of conveyor belt manufacturers in bangalore.
Conveyor belt have become the most popular and reliable one in every industries. Conveyor belts have helped us save a lot of time, thus increasing in productivity and reducing manpower.


Cherry, The Super engineer brand has been one of the famous and most used products In Bangalore
industries. We have our firm established in Bangalore in the year 1964 and have been one of the old
and fast growing company, helping the various industrial sectors achieve their productivity.

we have been one of the best rubber sheet manufacturers in Bangalore, with having distributed them
in large quantities with various specifications, as per the clients request. we have set an aim of making
the industries fasten their productivity by making use of our quality products.

we are glad to know that almost all the industrial areas in Bangalore are making use of the cherry
products for their applications. we have the standard certifications approved from both the Indian as
well as the international authorities. We supply the materials and products only after getting this
the kashetter group of firms is also known as one of the best quality endless belt suppliers in Bangalore.

we are offering all the different types of conveyor belts with wide range of specifications in its length,
Width, properties and features.
To mention Some of The products that we offering here are, Vulcanising solution, corrosion inhibitors,
agro based conveyor belts, gold resistant conveyor belt, high temperature resistance conveyor belt,
food grade conveyor belt, mining conveyor belt, heavy duty conveyors, White hygienic conveyor belt
and a lot more.

we have been the suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, service providers
and exporters off various industrial products since 1964. Not only in Bangalore, we have almost
provided various services to the clients in major metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai,
Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Nagpur etc.

for further information, the customers can always feel free to contact us and also ask girls if they have
any requirement for the customized products.



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