kashetter Group of firms are the most leading rubber conveyor belt manufacturers in Chennai. we have the most superior and knowledgeable manufacturers who can solve any kind of problem with ease. we have been in this field of profession since decades of years.

To transport various kinds of industrial materials whether it may be of small size or large size,
irrespective of the type of material, conveyor belts are being used and proved to be very effective.


Kashetter group of firms has a group of team in Chennai for providing the customers with various
services and help them with their needs and requirements regarding their industrial applications.
We are offering every clients with the most advanced to the basic industrial products with high range of
specifications and make sure that all our products are being helpful to all the small scale and large scale
industries worldwide.

The kashetter group of firms are one of the best wavy top belt suppliers in Chennai. we have been
fabricating them and supplying them in all the areas of Chennai. The team of fabrication, have been in
this process of fabrication for more than two decades, having dedicated into the field of manufacturing
the quality products for achieving the betterment in productivity often industries.

we are offering different types of industrial products that are actually helpful for all the kinds of
industrial sectors, that includes Pharmaceutical industry, agro based industries, manufacturing
industries, Textile industry, mining industry, Steel and cement industry, paper industry, Automotive
industry, packaging industry, poultry farms, Cottage industries and the list goes on.
we have been considered as one of the best exporters of conveyor beltings in Chennai.

The different
types of beltings that we’re offering worldwide, has been recognized as one of the premium quality
most supplied industrial products of all the times. they do have the certification of, fabricated with the
correct standards and standing high in quality from Indian and international standards.
there are a lot different types of industrial products being helpful for all the above mentioned industrial
sectors with the most affordable price. and the machinery parts price in Chennai, That we are offering is
almost the wholesale value.

the interested clients can know more about the company, our vision and services, also About complete
list of the product’s we are offering. also know that, we take orders for the customized products also,
according to your required specifications.



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