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Kashetter Group Of Firms comes with high quality products of wide range of conveyor belt with required construction material usage. We offered a large quantity of conveyor belt to many kinds of industries in coimbatore. We have contributed as the large conveyor belt suppliers in coimbatore mainly for the quality we offer and also for having best manufacturing team in Kashetter Group Of Firms.


Coimbatore is famous in textile industry, Foundry and automotive industries compared to the other kind
of industrial sectors. Since years, we have been supplying large quantities of industrial products that well
suits the application of these industrial sectors.

The kashetter group of firms has been one of the best industrial chain distributors in Coimbatore,
providing the clients with various services and assuring with the best quality products. we have a
systematic method followed for every process and we do believe in following the professional practices
and ethics.

even a lot other Coimbatore industries uses the cherry products for enhancing with their productivity
and efficiency. We are offering large quantities of different specified industrial products And has also
got the certification from the higher standards of international and Indian committees.
not only do we offer the industrial products, we also are offering with wide range of chemical products
that are highly effective in treating the water related problems. we have also been considered as one of
the best chemical dealers in coimbatore.

few of the chemicals to mention are, Vulcanising solution, corrosion inhibitors, sludge conditioner,
decolourant, antiscalants, antifoulants, antifoaming agents chemicals, RO biocide, PH booster,
neutraliser, floor care chemicals etc.

One more good news to all the clients is that, we offer the customized products and chemicals that are
well suited for their particular type of application and is supplied to all the areas in Coimbatore. in case
of such requirements, you can always contact us by booking an appointment with us to discuss
regarding the same.

we offer the most secure and simple mode of transportation and payment options with he best
packaging facilities. you can also checkout the website for getting complete information regarding the
services and our offering products, meanwhile also know about the offers we are providing at the



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