Conveyor Belt Dealers In Delhi

The main purpose of the Conveyor bets is to convey the materials or transport from one place to another place either continuously or between two specific given destinations.
Conveyor belts now have become the most basic and popular equipment in every industrial areas. using of conveyor belts saves a lot of time and decrease the manpower. Hence the maintenance of the conveyor belts should be done regularly in order to prevent any kind of damage to the conveyor belts. Dealers of conveyor belting in Delhi always makes sure about the quality and standard specifications to be approved by Indian and international professional in this field. And then proceed.
Kashetter group of firms was started before more than half of the century, in the year 1964 in Bangalore. we have skilled team of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors all over India. we also provide other services, export products and also import many raw materials.
On dedicating decades of years in this professional field kashetter Group of firms are now the largest conveyor belt dealers in Delhi. The main purpose of our dealers is to negotiate with both the parties in a healthy conversation And provide the best quality products with a reasonable price.
We also offer other kind of conveyor beltings and conveyor rollers such as oil resistant conveyor belts, fabric conveyor belts, heat resistant conveyor belts, ply conveyor belts, wire mesh ,lagging sheets of different types and materials, flat rollers, heavy duty stainless steel rollers and many more. We have been the dealers of conveyor belt in Delhi for decades of years and have the best knowledge regarding all types of products that are used in different industrial sectors.
Conveyor belt are used in all kinds of applications and industrial sectors such as Agro based industries, pharmaceutical industries, food processing and handling industries, in the factories, in the forestry areas and the mining areas and so on.
People can contact us and order for custom specification design of any kind of conveyor belts just by an email Or a call.



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