Conveyor belt manufacturers in Hyderabad

Conveyor belts have become the most powerful equipment in every industries that we see around
us. No industry can imagine to complete their works without using these industrial equipments.
Conveyor belt are basically used to transport the various kinds of materials from one place to
another place or in a continuous process for a longer distance.
There are different kinds of conveyor belts based upon the function it has to perform. Kashetter
group of firms have been offering all kinds of wide varieties of conveyor belts such as oil resistant
conveyor belts, heat resistant conveyor belts, fabric conveyor belts, white elevator belts etc. Hence
we stand as the best conveyor belt manufacturers in Hyderabad.
Kashetter group of firms has the most experienced and knowledgeable team of manufacturers as
well as suppliers. we have been in this professional business for more than 50 years. We are
originally from Bangalore but we have a team of manufacturers for all kind of industrial products and
we supply all over India and abroad.
Our team of manufacturers of conveyor belt in Hyderabad make sure to deliver the best of its quality
and we also custom design the product according to the technical needs of the buyers.
The other type of industrial products that we manufacture are conveyor rollers, industrial rollers,
heavy duty rollers, mining rollers, convert space, wire mesh, rubber lagging sheets, gearbox and
many other.
The process of manufacturing conveyor belt in Hyderabad also follow the same process like any
other team of Kashetter Group Of Firms. we follow the professional ethics in every process we step
in. Every product that we manufacture is of the best quality and meets both the Indian and
international standards.
We have been supplying the conveyor belts and its wide varieties to almost all type of industrial
sectors all over India. you can always contact us for orders as you can see you have landed to the
best place in purchasing the industrial products.



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