Continental conveyor belt

Basically the conveyor belts are being used in every kind of industrial sector that are used for
conveying various types of materials between two given points.
We offer a wide varieties of Continental conveyor belts like endless conveyor belt, fabric conveyor
belt, cleated conveyor belt, conveyor idler brackets, conveyor spares, rollers, heat resistant conveyor
belts etc, and have supplied them covering almost every continents in the world.
In every continent the conveyor belts are being supplied in large quantity because of it’s high
demand in use. The use of continental conveyor belts increases the overall productivity and saves a
lot of time. It helps the work to be done faster and reduces the manpower.
Kashetter group of firms, established in the year 1964 in Bangalore is one of the most leading
manufacturers and suppliers in India as well in other continents too. We have best of best teams in
every continents for manufacturing, supplying and distributing all our quality cherry-products.
Our team of manufacturers of conveyor belt continental gives more privilege to the quality of the
products with the most reasonable price for the customers. We have distributed to places like
Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Gujarat, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and have covered all
industrial areas across India and other continents.
Every product that are produced from Kashetter Group Of Firms are well tested and matched with
the quality and specifications set by both the Indian and international standards. We are the largest
continental conveyor belt distributors.
Other than types of conveyor belts kashetter Group of Firms also offers all other continental rubber
conveyor rollers and its wide range of varieties, belt driven live rollers, heavy duty rollers, guide
rollers, wire meshes, diamond rubber lagging sheet, gear boxes etc all over India and abroad
covering every continents.
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