Conveyor Belt Manufacturing Plant

Conveyor belts are used for the easy transportation of various kinds of materials from one place to
another place in the given interval of time by setting specific speed.
Kashetter group of firms offers a wide range of varieties of conveyor belts. Our conveyor belt
manufacturing plant consists of the best facilities and safety measures during the time of works.
Conveyor belts are available in different dimensions and characteristics and they can also be custom
designed according to the clients technical specifications of requirement.
We have the best manufacturers for conveyor belt manufacturing plant in Bangalore and are
fortunate enough that our manufacturers and all the members who work here are very well
experienced and has an expertise in their specific fields for decades of years.
We have supplied a large quantity of conveyor belts all over the world and we stand out as one of
the best distributors of conveyor belt in India. Every product of Kashetter group of firms are of high
quality and long lasting and are made sure to meet the standards that are set by Indian committee
as well as the international committee.
The industries that are using our quality cherry products are the mining industries, pharmaceutical
industries come on food processing and handling industries, packaging industries and many more.
Manufacturing plant for conveyor belt are used for constructing the conveyor belt in different ways,
That may be its construction material or its characteristics or might be its dimensions, according to
the industrial requirement of the clients.
Kashetter group of firms are also the dealers, distributors, wholesalers, exporters, importers and
service providers regarding all types of industrial product.
We assure you about the quality and standard maintained in our plant. Here we manufacture all
wide varieties of industrial products used in all kind of sectors. Contact us for more details.



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