Conveyor belt material supplier

Kashetter group of firms are the most reliable conveyor belt material suppliers in Bangalore as well
as in India. As we all are aware of, conveyor belt usage is a must in every kind of industrial sector.
Without the conveyor belts the industrial sectors can face less productivity, large amount of time for
transferring various kinds of materials, increases the manpower which directly effects the economy
of the industries.
We offered the best quality conveyor belt material till today, and we feel glad for being considered
as one of the best suppliers of conveyor belt material in India.
Kashetter Group of firms offers various kind of belting materials and other type of industrial
materials that are used commonly in all the sectors with the different specifications and properties
performing various functions.
Kashetter group of firms has supplied to industries covering all kinds of small scale industries and the
large scale industries such as agro based industries, chemical industries, factories, packaging
industries, manufacturing industries, in the constructional fields.
While supplying material for the conveyor belt we always keep things in mind about making the
buyers worth buying it. We make sure every product of ours is well tested and has met the standard
set by the Indian as well as the international committee.
Kashetter group of firms have also supplied and distributed all kinds of industrial products to the
foreign country successfully covering almost all the continents in the world. Also from last four years
we have no negative reviews on any of our products delivered to the customers.
Along with supplying conveyor belt material, we also supply many other kind of industrial products
and materials and supporting structures in the industries such as conveyor idlers, conveyor spares,
bracket sets, all types of conveyor rollers and beltings.
We are Always available to clear all your queries and also custom design the products according to
your specified features and dimension