Conveyor Belt Rollers For Sale

Conveyor belt rollers are the most used industrial product nowadays. The basic importance of using
the conveyor belt rollers is to transfer the various kinds of materials, where the materials may be of
lightweight, medium weight or high weighted materials.
They are being used in all kinds of industrial sectors all over the world. The conveyor belt rollers
price depends upon the type of rollers that the buyers need. it also depends upon the quality of
material used in the construction and its characteristics.
Conveyor belt for sale in India will often by organized by Kashetter group of firms. We have the most
reliable and trusted team members whether it may be the manufacturers or might be the suppliers
or any other.
All the industrial products including conveyor belt for sale are of best quality and are well tested
before distributing. We have been the largest distributors of conveyor belt rollers in India.
Our products are being used in the type of industries like agro based industries, food processing and
packaging industries, mining industries, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries and the list
goes on.
Kashetter group of firms has not only supplied the raw materials in India but we have also exported
and arranged the conveyor belt rollers for sale in abroad. Every customer who invested their money
in buying our products are very much satisfied and feel happy.
We also manufacture and supply all other kinds of conveyor belts and the conveyor rollers along
with other industrial products and also its supporting materials like oil resistant conveyor belt,
cleated conveyor belt, heavy duty rollers, diamond rubber lagging sheet, conveyor idler, gearbox,
conveyor spares etc.
Kashetter group of firms also custom design the products according to your choice. Kindly contact us
for further details, get an appointment and buy the products that suits your interest.



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