Conveyor Belt Suppliers Near Me

To convey the various kinds of materials specially in the industries, conveyor belts plays a very
prominent role. conveyor belts can be of different types. They are used according to the
requirement in the industries.
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Every manufactured industrial product that are to be supplied to the clients are very well tested and
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international standards respectively.
We supply all types of industrial products including the conveyor belt all over India and even abroad.
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Group of firms. We have been the largest conveyor belt distributors in India.
Our firm was established in Bangalore in 1964. All the teams here are very professionals and deliver
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dedication towards our process of manufacturing. With much struggle we have now reached to the
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Kashetter Group Of Firms have supplied to almost every kind of industrial sectors all over the world
such as agro based industries, pharmaceutical industries, food processing and handling industries,
packaging industries, mining industries, during the construction practices etc.
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