Conveyor Belt Suppliers

Conveyor Belts nowadays have become the most important aspect in every industrial sector. conveyor belts are used to transport the materials of all kinds that may be either low, medium, or heavy load materials from one place to another until the destination is reached. Our Conveyor belt suppliers provides the best service.
These conveyor belts can be designed in a different way so as to perform various functions. There are conveyor belts that can resist flame or fire, that are mostly used in industries Like textiles, manufacturing industries etc. Hence there is a great demand for conveyor belt suppliers.
There are few conveyor belts that are designed for the use in the field of mining. In a similar way, we also have resistant conveyor belts for chemical, acid resistant conveyor belts, rubber conveyor belts, fabric conveyor belts, cleated conveyor belts, food grade conveyor belts, white elevator belts and so on.
Kashetter Group of firms is originally from Bangalore and was started in the year 1964. For working more than decades of years in this profession, we are now one of the most reliable and best manufacturers and suppliers of conveyor beltings.
We always take a special care about the quality of all our products and every product that we manufacture have to pass the quality test and after getting the approval from the Indian and international standards we supply them all over the world. Till now we have been the best suppliers of conveyor belt in Bangalore. our products are being used in every kind of industrial sectors like food processing and handling industry, chemical industry, mining industry, factories, automobiles industry, and many more.
Our mode of transportation is by three methods that is by airways, by railways and by roadways. you can also checkout our other products of conveyor rollers, lagging sheets etc in our official website and contact us in case of any queries.



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