Conveyor Roller Suppliers In India

Conveyor rollers have become the most important product or equipment in all the industries. They
are connected with series of rollers within the frame. They are used to transport various materials
from one place to another.
Our team of conveyor roller suppliers in India are having a great demand because of its use in every
kind of industrial application.
The conveyor rollers can be operated either by gravity, manually or by power. Even if the power
supply is stopped at some point or may be the motor has broke, it still continues to work. The
products which Kashetter Group Of Firms offers are definitely worth your money.
Kashetter Group Of Firms offers all types of conveyor rollers and also accept the orders with your
required specifications and design according to that.
Kashetter Group Of Firms have the most experienced team of manufacturers and suppliers of
conveyor roller in India. It was established in the year 1964, since then we have dedicated and
involved in this field of profession.
Some of the best characteristics and benefits of conveyor roller are as follows:
Maintenance is easy.
It safely transport all the materials to its required destination.
The latest version of conveyor roller ensures the safety during accident
They are available in different size, weights and shapes.
We have been the largest conveyor roller suppliers in India. Our Cherry-products are being used in
food handling and packaging industries, mail delivery services, steel making industry, manufacturing
and design sectors etc.
If you are here looking for best conveyor roller that suits and meets your choice. You are in perfect
place. We also offer other cherry products such as fabric conveyor belts, all types of beltings,
conveyor spares, heavy duty rollers, wire meshes etc.
We also export all our products with proper safety measures by airways , railways and roadways. In
case of any queries you can always reach us by a call or an email



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