Gear Coupling Dealer

The gear couplings are in great demand in many of the industrial sectors for various applications all
over the world. When the shafts are placed collinear to each other they are connected with this gear
couplings for transferring the torque from one shaft to another shaft.
Kashetter group of firms have been the great gear coupling dealers of all times. we have been
offering all kinds of couplings such as rigid coupling, flexible coupling, sleeve coupling, flange
coupling etc.
Some of the main features and advantages of using the quality cherry gear coupling are as follows:
They are made available in wider size options and different torque value.
They can easily be modified for various applications such as floating shaft type, shear pin service,
electrical Isolation etc.
They have the most high power density in comparative with other coupling.
Improved resistant to corrosion.
Advanced seal options is available
Unequalled bore and torque capacity can be seen.
we have in the leading gearbox coupling dealer in India since many years and the entire team of
Kashetter group of firms stands responsible for this success. All the team members were so much
dedicated and involved in their particular field and has excelled in the same.
We are not only the dealer of gear coupling, we have also been the dealer of many other industrial
product like pin Bush coupling, heat resistant conveyor belt, Mining heavy duty roller, fabric
conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, gearbox, all types of rubber sheets etc.
If you’re looking for the customized products, you are still in the right place as we take orders for
custom designing also. we provide worldwide shipping with various modes of transportation
according to the situation and convenience and deliver them safely to the customers.
book an appointment in advance for getting the complete detailed information regarding any of the
product and also ask us for the best offers available at the moment.



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