Girth Gear Manufacturer

Kashetter group of firms has been the most reliable girth gear manufacturer in India since many
years. These girth gears are nothing but the number of segments assembled together to perform
the further operations or the proceedings.
we have all the range of girth gears available in stock for the clients and customers are allowed to
choose the desirable product that suits their application and requirements.
We have been the manufacturer of girth gear units since more than four decades. Hence, we have
excelled in designing various products and has gained enormous knowledge in this professional field.
All the girth gear units are certified by both the Indian as well as the international standards.
The advantages and features of these gear units are given below:
Simple exchange can be seen here because, the entire ring need not to be dissembled.
They have minimal vibration and minimal maintenance.
they can last for a longer period of time and have great strength.
They are light weighted and can be delivered fast.
We have been the most trusted and reliable manufacturer of girth gear, as we always focused on
meeting the customers demand’s and has been successful in satisfying them. We have never forgot
to follow the professional practises and ethics in the fabrication process and has always made sure
to produce the quality products.
we have also been offering many other types of industrial equipment and ship them all over the
world. they are endless conveyor belt, gear coupling, gearbox’s, conveyor roller, diamond rubber
lagging sheet, heavy duty roller, corrosion resistant conveyor belt, cold resistant conveyor belt,
machinery parts and many more.
do contact us if you have any special requirements or in need of custom designed products. talk to
us to get the complete detailed information about anything you are in search of. Book an
appointment if necessary and also ask us for the best offers available at that moment.



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