Girth Gear Suppliers

Kashetter group of firms have been one of the most trusted and reliable girth gear suppliers in
several years. we have been supplying all the varieties and Ranges of good gears.
Different segments are joined together to perform the further function. They are used for various
applications irrespective of small scale and large scale businesses all over the world.
Kashetter group of firms have been supplying the girth gear units in many ranges to almost all the
places in India such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Nagpur, Jaipur, pune,
Coimbatore And not only that we have also covered many of the foreign countries covering all the
seven continents.
it is much necessary to know the advantages and the features before buying any of the product. so
here are it’s details,
The maximum pitch line velocity of these gears is 6 m/s.
They are lighter in weight, durable, and lasts for longer time.
The maximum power it has is of 4000 kw per pinion.
They are available in different width option and requires less maintenance.
Kashetter group of firms has been in this professional field for over more than 50 years and has now
become the most trusted supplier of girth gear in India. all the products that are supplied are well
checked by the professional experts of our firm and also certified and approved by the Indian
We are not only the supplier of girth gear units, we also supply the other kind of industrial products
whose complete list you can get from our official website. but the most commonly supplied products
in the large quantities all over the world are the conveyor belt, agro based conveyor belts, endless
conveyor belt, mining heavy duty conveyor roller, gearbox, rubber sheets and its products,
machinery parts and many more.
it’s our pleasure to provide guidance and clarify all your doubts. if you have any special requirement
you can put it forward and talk to us about it as we promised to deliver your desirable products in
high quality.
we ship with various modes of transportation based on your interest and your location. just send us
an email or you can also call us to book an appointment.



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