In-line Helical Gear box Manufacturer

In line helical gearbox is one of the type of the gearbox, which is used as the speed reducer in wide
range of applications. Like, they can be seen in the conveyors, pumps, fan, Material handling
equipment, textile industry and many more, covering both small scale and large scale industrial
We have been supplying a lot type of gearbox and now we are considered to be one of the best in
line helical gearbox manufacturer in India. Kashetter group of firms was established in 1964 and
since then, we have been following the professional practises and ethics in every step of the
fabrication and the process of business.
The hard work and dedication that we have always followed has led us to be called as the most
trusted in line helical gearbox manufacturer. All these gearbox are certified by Indian standards and
also the international standards.
Since we offer a lot wide varieties and ranges of gearbox, along with it, we also provide the best
guidance for all the customers in choosing the right type of gear box based on their kind of
application. and we are glad to know that, we are producing the most demanding market and the
customers feel satisfied with the quality offered products.
on being the best manufacturer of in line helical gearbox, we feel glad to have the most
experienced fabricators who worked smartly and for being one of the major reason for having
Kashetter Group of firms declared to be the most trusted company for producing various kind of
industrial products.
we provide the transportation with all the three modes, by roads, by railways and by Airways, Based
on the location and the customers convenience and that too in the most safest way possible. kindly
contact us in case if there are any doubts regarding the products, book an appointment in case of
custom designing and also ask us about the offers available.



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