Industrial Gear Box Manufacturer

Although there are lot of gearbox available in the market, each type of gearbox perform specific
function with certain properties, suitable for particular type of application in different type of
industries worldwide. the usual work of the gearbox is to adjust the speed of the motor.
we have been supplying all kinds of gearbox with a different range of specifications and we have
also been considered to be the most reliable industrial gearbox manufacturer in India. it’s our
fortune to have such talented and experienced fabricators for designing any range of product’s that
performs effectively with having the most premium quality.
The industrial gearbox manufacturer in Kashetter Group of firms, designs the gearbox in such a way
that they consists of the following features and advantages:
It can bear high load capacity.
Reduces noise and gives efficient output.
They are usually with parallel gears.
They can be used for high power transmission systems.
They are also cost effective with wide ranges.
They are highly durable and have long lasting life span with proper maintenance.
As mentioned earlier, we have also exported various kinds of industrial products to many of the
foreign countries and has acquired the name of being the best and trusted manufacturer of
industrial gearbox and our products are being used all over the world.
It’s been a great pleasure to know that the customers are being satisfied and are feeling worth
buying the product from us. We have always succeeded in meeting the demands of the market and
has always been producing the quality products to the buyers.
We also offer many other related products of gear box, all types of machinery parts, rubber sheets,
conveyor belts types and all types of conveyor rollers too. Kindly contact us for any kind of
information and orders and also get to know the best offers available.



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