Industrial Gears Dealer

Industrial gears have become one of the most demanding product in all the type of industries all
over the world. They are being used for their desirable features and many kind of applications.
Kashetter group of firms has been one of the best industrial gear dealer in India since several years.
These industrial gears gives us nothing but a system where the mechanical energy is transferred
from one device to another device and helps in increasing the torque. Here are the advantages and
few features of these industrial gears given :
They are designed to give efficient output and being suitable for the high loading capacity.
These gears can change the direction according to the design and the construction method.
They have sturdy and sophisticated design.
They can easily reduce the noise and change the speed accordingly.
These gears can also be used for high transmission powers.
On being one of the best industrial gear unit dealer in India, we have almost supply them to various
kinds of industries like paper industry, sugar industries, chemical industries, cement industry, rubber
industry, fertilizer industry, mining and manufacturing industries and a lot more, Covering almost all
the states in India.
Well not only are we the dealer of industrial gears, we have also been the dealers of many other
industrial equipments and products and are shipping all over the world covering all the seven
continents. each and every industrial gears or any other industrial equipment are supplied only after
the approval from the standard authorities like Indian standards and international standards.
Kashetter group of firms provides various services to all the customers and we also accept the
custom designed products also. Hence feel free to ask us about any of your queries regarding the
product and the company and also get to know the best offers available at the moment.



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