Industrial Pulley Manufacturer

On seeing the vital applications of industrial pulleys, kashetter group of firms have been
manufacturing them with wide range of specifications. We have been one of the best industrial
pulley manufacturer in India.
These industrial pulleys can easily lift the heavy weighted items and make the work much easier.
They are used in many of the heavy work and lifting type of industrial sectors all over the world.
Here are some of the main advantages and features of using our quality cherry industrial pulleys:
They are the most reliable and provide long lasting service.
They perform with silent operating systems and are cost effective.
They can be made of any material.
Only a minimum Maintenance is required for these pulleys.
Heavy load lifting in various applications in all types of industrial sectors are made easy.
The firm was established in Bangalore, but we are not only the best manufacturers in Bangalore we
are also one of the most reliable manufacturer of industrial pulley in India. Our manufacturers who
design various types of industrial products based on the clients request are very professional and
have an experience of more than four decades.
not only the fabricators, also the entire team members Follow the professional practises in the
entire process and have always focused on the customer satisfaction. Our fabricators has an
excellent knowledge of managing and producing the quality products.
all the products are with the highest quality and have got the certification by both the international
and Indian standards as well.
not only are we the industrial V belt pulley manufacturer, we are also the manufacturers of many
types of industrial equipments. Few of them to mention are fabric conveyor belt, endless conveyor
belt, high temperature resistant conveyor belt, white elevator belt, all the types of conveyor rollers,
water treatment chemicals, all the type of rubber products and sheets and many more to be
included in this list.
Just contact us for orders and also feel free to ask us in case of any queries regarding our company
or either of the product’s.



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