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Industrial Sprocket Dealer

Industrial sprocket are of different types and are used in various kinds of applications in all kinds of
industrial sectors worldwide. These industrial sprockets Are the profile wheel That meshes with the
chain or track. Hence there is the great demand for industrial sprocket dealer in India.
it is very much necessary for each and everyone to know the features and advantages of the product
they are buying. hence the following points represent the same.
They are designed with the polished surface finishing.
They are economical, requires less maintenance and are most reliable.
We design them according to your required construction material.
They are highly efficient and prevents creeping and slipping.
we have been the dealer of industrial sprocket since more than four decades of years. We have best of
the team members ,With more than decades of experience in this professional field, they have been
excelled in their skills and deliver the services effectively to all the clients and customers.
We are not just industrial sprocket and gears dealer in India, that includes all states like Bangalore,
Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and all. we have also exported them in very large
quantity too many of the foreign countries that covers each and every continent in the world. These
industries sprocket are very well fabricated and well tested by the experts of kashetter group of firms.
Along with that, we have an international certification on all our fabricated products including the
industrial sockets. Some of the other most distributed products of Kashetter group of firms are heat
resistant conveyor belt, mining heavy duty conveyor rollers, machinery parts and spares, Vibrating
motors, all types of gearbox, rubber sheets and its products types, all types of water treatment
chemicals etc.
We accept orders online and you can directly contact us for getting more detailed information.



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