Industrial Sprocket Manufacturers

Kashetter group of firms has been the most leading industrial sprocket manufacturer in India. We
offer the clients with the designing the product as per their requirements such as, its dimension, it’s
ranges, it’s construction material, and with certain specific properties involved.
we have the best of manufacturing team who are responsible for custom designing any range of
product including these industrial sprockets. We have internationally approved certification that
shows the standards in the quality of the product we fabricate.
Here are the advantages and features of the industrial sprockets:
These industrial sprockets can be used at any temperature conditions.
That highly efficient And non slipping
They are very easy to install and they do not creep.
These industrial sprockets have a great finishing with having less expensive.
well on being the best manufacturer of industrial sprocket, firstly we always made sure that the
clients are happy with the product. and we have focused on fabricating the products that are
demanded in the market for multiple purpose.
We are glad to know that we are able to fulfil all the demands of the clients and extremely glad For
following the professional practises and ethics since the beginning. The firm was actually
established in Bangalore but we ship all over the world providing various types of services to all the
We are not only the industrial sprocket wear manufacturer, we are also the manufacturer of other
products also like Heavy duty rollers, endless conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt, mining rollers,
factory conveyor belt, water treatment chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, gearbox, diamond rubber
lagging sheets etc.
We ship by three modes of transportation, by railways, by roadways, And by Airways and the
costumers are allowed to choose what ever they are convenient of.. you can book the appointments
by calling us or by sending an email.



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