Industrial Sprocket Supplier

Industries sprockets are the profiled gears with teeth that binds with track or chain or either
indented materials. There are different types of industrial sprocket used for different various
functions and applications and fortunately we have all the standard specified products of industrial
sprockets available here. we have been named as one of the most reliable industrial sprocket
supplier in India.
These sprockets are never directly meshed together, Here are its following features and advantages:
They do not get deteriorated due to oil and sunlight.
They are very easy to install and can be operated in any temperature conditions.
These industrial sprockets can be used both in wet and dry conditions.
They withstand abrasion and can be used on reversing drives.
We have been one of the best supplier of industrial sprocket not only in India but also in abroad. We
have been supplying these industries sprockets to many of the places like Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Nagpur, Jaipur covering all cities of industrial areas in India. Our
products are also being exported to many countries abroad.
We have got the approval and certification from the top recognised standards like the Indian
standards and the international standards. And not only that, every product after the fabrication are
very well checked and tested by the expert of Kashetter group of firms.
We have not only been the industries sprocket and gear supplier, we also supply a lot other kinds of
industrial products like endless conveyor belt, gear coupling, water treatment chemicals, rubber
products, gear boxes, vibro motor, fabric conveyor belt, mining conveyor rollers and a lot more.
If you are really searching for them with special custom specified products then, you are still in the
right place because we offer them too. The clients can just get in contact with us book an
appointment and discuss about the product they are in search for. we ship all over the world with
various modes of transportation that suits the interests of the customers.



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