Large Pulley Dealer

Kashetter Group of firms have been the most trusted large pulley dealer since several years. There
are different types of pulleys that we offer. large pulleys are used in certain type of industrial
sectors based on their application level. they provide an easy solution for lifting up heavy weighted
materials and makes the work easier.
The Kashetter Group of firms was established in Bangalore in 1964, but we have been dealing with
the various kinds of industrial products all over the world. Our main focus was to deliver the most
useful and demanding product’s in the market and work on customer satisfaction.
all the products that are managed by us, are of the best quality with having a certification from both
the Indian standards and international standards. Before buying the product for use, it is most
essential thing to know the complete details about it. so here are some of the main advantages and
features of the large pulley given:
They require minimum Maintenance if used for longer time.
The difference between the operator and pulley avoids the disasters.
They are cost effective and easy to assemble and dismantle.
Provides best solution for lifting heavy objects and materials.
on being one of the best dealer of large pulley, it has always been our duty to make sure that the
clients are happy with the product’s we are delivering. and we are glad to know that we are able to
achieve it, as the entire team of Kashetter group of firms has taken part in this, with following the
most professional practises and ethics and with their continuous hard work.
We are not only the large V belt pulley dealers, we are also the dealers for many other products
such as, fabric conveyor belt, heavy duty rollers, water treatment chemicals, gear box, vibrating
motor, gear coupling, machinery parts, diamond rubber lagging sheets, and many more.
He offered the clients with a wide range of specifications as required and ship all over the world. the
clients can directly get in contact with us and book an appointment for getting the complete detailed
information and to know the best offers available at that moment.



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