Large Pulley Supplier

Kashetter group of firms have been one of the best and most reliable large pulley suppliers since
many years. We have been supplying wide varieties of large pulley with wide range of specifications
in its diameter, shape, pitches, It’s construction material Etc.
These large pulleys are being used in all kinds of industrial sectors irrespective of small scale and
large scale industries. The firm was established in Bangalore in the year 1964, from where we
started the journey of fabricating and supplying various industrial products that are highly
demanded in the market.
all the products that we supply are of the most premium quality with having approved by the Indian
standards and the international standards as well. So here are some of the advantages and features
of large pulley:
these large pulleys do not require the maintenance.
They are very easy to assemble and can also be dismantled easily.
They become the reason for easy lifting of heavy weighted materials.
There is no loss of energy due to friction.
on being one of the best supplier of large pulley, we have always focused on following the
professional practises and ethics in complete process of supplying various products to the
customers. And now we’re happy to know that the clients are happy with the product delivered to
them. we have got no negative reviews on our product since many years.
Till now we have been supplying them to various places in India which have covered almost all the
states of it. but we have also exported these large pulleys to many of the foreign countries covering
almost all the seven continents in the world.
Kashetter group of firms are not only the Large v belt pulley supplier, we are also the suppliers of
many other demanded product of the market and the clients.
even though if you’re looking for some specifically defined product’s, we offer that also. So you
have reached the perfect place to buy the large pulleys of your choice. kindly contact us for further
more information regarding anything you are in doubt of.



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