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Pillow Block Bearing Wholesalers

Kashetter group of firms are not only the best manufacturers but we are also one of the most
reliable pillow block bearing wholesaler in India. we have been into this business since 1964, from
when the kashetter group of firms came into existence. It was actually established in Bangalore but
we distribute products all over the world.
this pillow block bearing provides the great strength and support to the shafts, specially to the
rotating shafts Which has a fixed bearing and strong foundation. The must features and advantages
that has to be included in the pillow block bearing are as follows:
They are low expensive and are very easy to install.
They can handle the moment loads well.
They are constructed in such a way that they can be connected either continuously or just at the
end supports.
They satisfy the Performance requirements very well.
They also offer excellent smoothness.
on being one of the best wholesalers of pillow block bearing, our main focus was always on
satisfying the customers demand and we’re glad to know that we have been successfully doing that.
We have not received any of the single negative reviews on our distributed products till now.
Every single product that are distributed from the kashetter group of firms are very well tested and
approved by both the Indian and international standards. but we have not only been the pillow block
pedestal bearing wholesaler, we have also been wholesaling a lot other wide varieties of industrial
if you’re looking for any other type of products in a large quantity, you can just check out our
website and look for your desired product. once you get your desired product from the list, you can
just directly contact us through a call or an email to book an appointment and get the complete
detailed information regarding the same.
we ship all over the world providing various amazing services to all the clients and you can also get
to know the best offers available at the moment.



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