PU Conveyor Belt Manufacturer In India

Kashetter Group Of Firms has been committed to produce various industrial equipments of high
quality for more than 50 years. They are available in different range of specifications and shipped all
over the world.
They consists of specific features and have advantages. They are mentioned below.
They are non slippery and stable.
Synchronized movement.
Have zero off tracking.
Consists of High tensile strength.
We have been the largest PU conveyor belt manufacturer in India since many years. We have well
facilitated machines for fabricating various kinds of products, that stands high in its quality and
effectiveness. Also we have the best and most experienced fabricators who takes in charge of the
fabrication process and design them With ease and perfection.
Kashetter Group Of Firms, for being one of the best manufacturer of PU conveyor belt in India,
involves the great patience and dedication of every single person here. We have always followed the
professional ethics and practices in complete process 9f fabrication and distribution.
Well, we are not only the PU belt manufacturer in India, we have also exported the same to various
foreign countries covering almost every continent in the world. Every product that has been
designed here are certified by both the Indian as well as the international standards.
We also custom design all kinds of industrial products along with the PU conveyor belt such as food
grade conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belt,
mining conveyor rollers, heavy duty rollers, all types of rubber sheets, gearboxes and all types of
industrial equipments according to the customers needed specifications.
Shipping is done by air ways, roadways or by rail ways. Contact us either by call or by email to get
the entire process and details about any product and also know about the offers available.



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