PU Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Kashetter Group Of Firms provides the high quality cherry products and all ranges of PU conveyor
belt. These belts are being supplied to all kinds of industrial sectors all over the world irrespective of
small scale and large scale business.
We are the largest PU conveyor belt manufacturer since several years. We have supplied to various
places in India such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Nagpur, Jaipur,
pune, Coimbatore, and has covered all the states of India.
Not only that, we have even exported to many of the foreign countries covering all the seven
continents and has achieved in standing out of the crowd and gained name as one of the best
manufacturer of PU conveyor belt in India.
Few of the main advantages to mention about the quality cherry PU conveyor belt are as follows:
They are known for its non slippery and stability.
They are designed to be zero off tracking.
They consists of synchronized movement.
They are resistant to chemicals.
Easy to use and get no stains.
They are also cut resistant.
Kashetter Group Of Firms was originally established in Bangalore, but the continuous dedication and
commitment to work by our team members has led us to be the most reliable PU belt manufacturer
in whole of India.
We also fabricate many other types of conveyor belts and industrial equipment such as rubber
sheets, gear box, conveyor rollers, machinery parts, heavy duty conveyor rollers, food grade
conveyor belts etc. We also have the most talented fabricators for custom designing. Hence you can
just call us and specify your required details.
We ship through various modes of transportation based on customers convenience. Look for your
desired products from our list of products mentioned on our official website and talk to us to clear
any kind of queries. We also provide the best offers to all the buyers.



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