PVC Conveyor Belt supplier

There are a lot of Conveyor belts available in the market which are used for conveying various types
of materials from one place to another place. Kashetter group of firms offers different kinds of
conveyor belts that are used for different applications based on the type of industry it will be served
for. We are the quality supplier of PVC conveyor belt with wide range and specifications worldwide.
These PVC belt are suitable for many applications Such as in bakery production, material handling,
meat, fish and dairy processing etc. We are supplying them in various different places such as
Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Nagpur, And many other places covering all
the states of India.
The PVC conveyor belt are being used in various industrial sectors all over the world. The supplier of
PVC conveyor belt here make sure of the quality that are being produced to the customers. we also
offer many of its specifications odd we can also custom design them. Our PVC belts are super heat
resistant that are used for various purpose. We focus mainly on the effective and quality products.
We have been one of the largest PVC conveyor belt supplier since many years. all the team
members here, follow the professional practises in every step of distribution and also provide many
services to the customers.
We, on being one of the most trusted PVC conveyor belt supplier in India, deliver the product or
equipment to the customers, that are very effective and also with the most premium quality.
Kashetter group of firms not only supply the PVC belt supplier, but also supply many other
equipments and varieties of conveyor belts and industrial equipment. You can know about the same
on visiting our official website and talk to us in case of orders and queries.



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