Vee Pulley Dealer

Vee pulleys Provides a great solution in many of the industries. it helps in handling the
misalignments well and it is also responsible for giving the fast power transmission between the two
axles. Kashetter Group of firms offers all kinds of vee pulleys available in different ranges and we
have also been one of the best Vee pulley dealer in India.
These Vee pulley are nothing but the v belt pulleys. We have all the types and ranges of pulleys
available. They are used for various kinds of applications in various sectors. Some of the main
advantages of the quality Vee pulley are as follows:
They are designed to be resistant towards the slipping.
That extremely reliable with the wide speed range and last for long period of time.
They have minimal maintenance but no further lubrication required.
They are designed to provide the best traction, speed, And also the load capabilities.
They have quiet operation and can prevent the overloading.
We have been one of the largest dealer of Vee pulley in Bangalore, since the establishment of
Kashetter Group of firms, which was established in the year 1964. The customers are allowed to
come to us, keeping their demands of getting specific specified products, that are used for particular
type of application as per their requirement.
we have an entire team working consistently producing the quality products. And we are fortunate
enough to have those people, who have gained much experience in this profession for over more
than five decades of years.
Not only are we the vee belt pulley dealer, we are also the dealers of many other industrial
products of all kinds, that are used in all kinds of industrial sectors all over the world. Few of the
products to mention are, the conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, rubber products, rubber sheets,
machinery parts, vibrating motors and many more of its kinds.
we ship world wide with various modes of transportation according to the convenience, in the most
simple and safest way possible. You can check out our official website for further information and
get in contact with us for orders and to know the present offers available.



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