Worm Gear Box Manufacturer

Worm gearbox are one of the type of gearbox, that are used for changing the speed of the motor
according to the requirements and the application. They are being used everywhere in all kinds of
industrial sectors. These worm gears are usually Rotational with angle of 90 degree. They require
minimal maintenance and offers high speed reduction in minimal space.
We have been one of the best worm gearbox manufacturer in India, since more than three decades.
we have been inculcating the professional practises during the fabrication process and has always
followed the professional ethics in every step of the business.
We made sure that the fabricated products are checked and tested, before it is produced into the
market. The worm gearbox manufacturer here will pass the products, only when they are certified by
both the Indian as well as international standards.
Since the establishment of Kashetter group of firms, we have also been the suppliers, distributors,
dealers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, exporters and service providers along with manufacturing.
We have not only been the manufacturer of worm gearbox, we have also been manufacturing a lot
other related gear boxes that are used for multiple applications based on the type of industry it is
served for. Well, not only the gear boxes, kashetter Group of firms also offers all kinds of industrial
products like conveyor belt, conveyor rollers, machinery parts, rubber sheets and a lot more products
with wide ranges.
We have been the suppliers and manufacturers of worm great box since many years and have
supplied to various places of India such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur,
Jaipur and has also exported to various countries abroad.
Feel free to contact us to know about any kind of products and for custom design. in case if you need
any specially specified products, do contact us and book an appointment earlier. we ship world wide
with the most safe and simple mode of transportation.



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