Conveyor belts are being used everywhere in our daily life and mostly in the industries of all kind. the main purpose of the conveyor belt is to convey or transfer the material from one place to another place until the destination is reached.


It has been a great pleasure in serving for the pink city Jaipur. they not only have the historical places
And the forts, They also do consist of commercial and industrial areas, and we have been providing
various services here since several years.

The kashetter group of firms has been the largest stockist of water treatment chemicals in Jaipur, where
the clients are very much satisfied with the quality we are offering them. we have never forgot to follow
the professional ethics and practises in every process of business.
the cherry groups are known for their Huge varieties of products with white specifications, which are
responsible for giving high efficiency and productivity in the industries.

The kashetter group of firms are not only the suppliers of water treatment chemicals, we are also
considered to be one of the most reliable conveyor rollers supplier for jajpur industry specially. we have
successfully distributed various products in a huge quantity.
The establishment of kashetter Group of firms has enabled a lot of industrial sectors help with their
efficiency, resulting in speeding up with the work process, decreasing in the total time required for
completion of the project, and decreasing the manpower requirement.

Till now, the maximum number of products and chemicals that we have supplied in Jaipur are,
antiscalant, liquid oxidising chemicals, antifoulants, fuel additives, fabric conveyor belt, heat resistant
conveyor belt, white hygienic conveyor belt, mining conveyor rollers, endless conveyor belt etc.

It’s always been a pleasure for us in fulfilling the demands of the market and help the clients with
providing the proper guidance and educating them in choosing the best type of product according to
their required applications.
Well not only Jaipur, we are providing various kinds of services to all the states in India, by providing the
transportation by roadways, railways and Airways in the most safe and fast mode.



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