Conveyor rollers are mainly used for transporting the goods and materials of both medium and heavy loads. We have been supplying the quality products of rollers of different types since decades hence we are the best conveyor belt manufacturers in Kolkata.


The industrial areas in Kolkata are much more familiar with the cherry conveyor belts, as we have been
supplying them for over more than two decades and has developed a good connetion with the clients in

The Kashetter group of firms are recognised as the best supplier of water treatment chemicals in
Kolkata. The most supplied water treatment chemicals are, antiscalant, liquid oxidising chemicals,
antifoulants, fuel additives, fireside additives, viscosity reducer, oxygen scavenger, sludge conditioner
and corrosion inhibitors.

We have also been the most reliable conveyor beltings dealers in Kolkata, where, we are providing with
different types of conveyor belts with exhibiting different functions for various applications. if you want
to know more about the different types of conveyor beltings available here, you can visit our website to
get the complete information.
not only the industrial sectors, a lot of commercial business, residents, construction companies have
been benefited a lot from our products, in increasing their efficiency and productivity.

Using these
conveyor belts mainly reduces the manpower requirement, saves lot of energy and time.
we have also been exporters, importers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, dealers, manufacturers of
all types of industrial products with different range of specifications to all the Industrial areas in Kolkata.
We have always ended up with providing the shipping in safe and fast manner. we have got the
certification from international and Indian standards which has created a demand in our products, as it
assures about designing the product in standard way.

if any of the client is seeking for customized products and chemicals in kolkata, with the specific
features and characteristics, you can always contact us to discuss regarding the same.
We provide the transportation either by roadways, railways or even Airways as we also ship a large
quantities of industrial products to various foreign countries also.



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