Conveyor Belt Supplier In Kolkata

Conveyor belts have been in great demand among all the industrial products, used in almost every
kind of industrial sector all over India and abroad.
The main purpose of using these conveyor belts is to transfer the various kind of materials from one
place to another place. Depending upon the industry it will be used, they are designed accordingly.
Kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore in 1964. This journey of more than half of the
century in this professional field made us to be the most reliable suppliers of conveyor belt in
Kolkata. We have been The suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, exporters, Importers and
manufacturers since decades of years.
The service we provided to the customers and the dedication of all the team members in this
profession made us understand the most basic needs and expectations of the customers and help
them fulfil their needs and feel satisfied.
Every quality product that we supply across India and abroad are of high quality and we supply them
strictly after meeting with the standards of Indian committee and international committee as well.
This has helped us to be the best conveyor belt suppliers in Kolkata as well as in India.
Along with the conveyor belts we also supply many of its types like fabric conveyor belt, flame
resistant conveyor belt, ply conveyor belt, food grade conveyor belt, industrial conveyor belt,
different types of rollers, types of wire mesh, all the types of rubber lagging sheets, v shape SMSR
gearbox and many more.
Our team for supplying conveyor belt in Kolkata make sure every conveyor belt is of best quality,
With standard specification, that is easy to use, performs the function effectively, durable, have an
easy maintenance and long lasting.
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