The most basic need in every industries is using of the conveyor belt. We are one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of conveyor belt in Mumbai. These conveyor belts are specifically designed to convey the various types of materials from one place to another place.

conveyor belts are being used in every industrial sectors for conveying the materials or blocks between two given points. Since last few years Kashetter Group of firms have been one of the most leading manufacturers of conveyor belt in Mumbai.

Conveyor belts are supplied in every kind of industrial sector and all kind of applications in it. it has become the most popular equipment in all types of industries.


Mumbai is said to be one of the most popular place in India but consisting of various high rise buildings
and industrial sectors. Irrespective of the small scale business and large scale business and for both
commercial and residential purpose, we are offering the wide quantities of industrial products as well as
the water treatment chemicals.

A lot of industries in Mumbai have a great demand. Hence it is very much necessary for them to use the
best type of equipment and products in their industry in order to gain the good productivity and fasten
their working process.
hence till now we have supplied the large quantity of product’s to the industries in Mumbai and have
been one of the best cherry conveyor roller dealers in Mumbai. We are offering then invite
specifications and with the most affordable price.

we have the best of manufacturing team for producing the products of various specifications which are
designed according to the needs and requirements of the clients. Due to all the professionalism and the
entire working process of us, have made us to be one of the best gearbox manufacturers in Mumbai.

we have been successfully producing the large quantities of the Requested products since many years.
It is very much necessary to make the products design in the standard methodology, following various
rules and regulations in order to assure its performance and quality.

the customers can know about all the available product’s, along with the complete details regarding its
description, specifications and the cost from the website. we keep updating with all the information
regarding the same. Also, know that we ship worldwide.

If any of the dealers or the exporters In Mumbai, are looking for the huge quantities of industrial
products, you can always feel free to contact us for business inquiries



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