Conveyor belt is the most popular, common and most demanding equipment in all type of industrial sectors. The main purpose of the conveyor belts is to make the work easy in transferring the materials from one given point to another until it reach its destination.


Nagpur consist of different kinds of industrial sectors. The cherry groups have been engaging with them
from many years and have been fulfilling all their requirements.

the kashetter group of firms, Having the establishment in Bangalore, gradually increased our business
in other states too and now we have been successful in producing the various quality cherry products.

Compared to any other places, Nagpur conveyor belts prices are the most affordable fun but also have
excelled in premium quality with the wide specifications availability.
The cherry groups consist of experienced and the talented fabricators who can design any specified
given product with ease and perfection and also by following the guidelines of those standards set by
Indian and international authorities.
The cherry groups are one of the best wholesalers of endless belts in Nagpur and we have been
supplying them with wide specifications that differs in its features and quality. We always fabricate the
product’s keeping in mind about what actually the clients seek for in a product.

and this is what helped us to grow our business quickly and has been working for fulfilling the needs of
the customers. Not only that, we have also been the best machine parts dealers in Nagpur since many

there are a lot more products added, such as cold resistant conveyor belt, rubber sheets, agro based
conveyor belts, fabric conveyor belt, mining conveyor belt, mining conveyor rollers, machinery parts,
rubber mats, diamond rubber lagging sheets, high temperature resistant conveyor belt etc.

Adding to these above mentioned industrial products, we are offering antiscalant, liquid oxidising
chemicals, antifoulants, water treatment chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, sludge conditioner, descaling
powder and have also supplied them to various industries, commercial places and even for residential
purpose in Nagpur.
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