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Conveyor Belt Manufacturers In Noida

Conveyor belts are the most popular in the industrial field. Without conveyor belts every industry
can feel the difficulty in completing multiple task and it also increases the manpower and time
required to complete that particular task.
Conveyor belts are mainly used for conveying various types of materials from given one point to
another point. Conveyor belts can be of different types and are used for different purpose when
We have been one of the best conveyor belt manufacturers in Noida since decades of years.
Kashetter group of firms Is actually a Bangalore based firm, that was started in the year 1964. we
manufacture and supply all the types of industrial products with the different specifications and
Continuous hard work and dedication since 1964 has led us To expand our business in various places
like Mumbai, Noida, Delhi, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, pune. But we are fortunate enough to
be called as one of the best and reliable conveyor belt manufacturers in Noida.
Kashetter group of firms offers all wide range of varieties of conveyor belts such as flame resisting
conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt, white elevator belts, food grade conveyor belts, ply conveyor
belts, mining conveyor belts, factory belts etc.
Our team of manufacturers of conveyor belt in Noida follow simple steps while designing any kind of
product. They consider the needs and comforts and specifications required by the users for their
particular industry and design accordingly.
Our team of manufacturing conveyor belt in Noida always double checks the quality issues of all the
products and make sure to meet the quality test set by the Indian standards as well as the
international standards.
Along with all types of conveyor belts, we also offer all other wide varieties of conveyor rollers and
all other products related to the industries such as heavy duty rollers, industrial rollers, wire mesh,
lagging sheets, smsr gearbox.
You are in the right place if you’re planning to buy any kind of industrial product. we feel glad to
have conversation with you and clear all your queries. Feel free to contact us by the given contact



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