Conveyor belts are being used in almost every industrial sector. conveyor belts are mainly used for transporting raw materials and loaded objects from one point to another point. It also makes sure that no material is sagging and prevents the leakage of materials.

Conveyor belts grabs the prominent place in every kind of industrial sectors all over the world. They
are Used for the simple transfer of various kinds of materials In a more effective way than the


Pune, Being one of the most famous place for its monuments and constructions, also do consist of a lot
of industrial sectors. they do not only contain the major of 80 hub they also have a lot more industries
like automobile and manufacturing industries.
the kashetter group of firms have been the most reliable wholesalers of endless conveyor belt in Pune
since many years. We also fabricate different kinds of industrial products that are processed in a
professional we and are designed according to the suggestions of the quality experts.

All the employees of charity groups are very dedicated to the book and gradually we have always
inculcated the updated techniques and equipments in order to get the advanced features and fabricate
the product’s easily and in a shorter period of time
The conveyor rollers price in pune depends upon it’s quality and specifications. It’s been more than four
decades since we are distributing, dealing with all the varieties of industrial products required for all the
sectors, irrespective of small scale business and the large scale business.

We have all the products and chemicals tested at a regular interval of time in order to make sure that
they are safe to use and ensures its effectivity. As mentioned earlier, along with the product we also
offer many different types of water treatment chemicals, which are highly required for achieving the
good productivity and decrease the overall cost of repair.
We’re not only the fabricators, are the wholesalers , we are providing with different services of being
the exploiters, importers, retailers, dealers and distributors of many other related products.

The most sold out industrial products in large quantity in pune are conveyor belts, fabric conveyor belt,
mining conveyor belt, mining heavy duty rollers, bearings, motors, machinery parts, endless conveyor
belt, rubber mats and sheets, water treatment chemicals for boilers, neutraliser etc.
If the customer is looking for any other related product, you can always get the information regarding
this on our website, and contact us to know more about your required specified products.



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