Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers In Pune

Rubber conveyor belt are one of the type of conveyor belts, where it is used for conveying various
types of materials and the construction of the conveyor belt is made of rubber.
We have been supplying rubber conveyor belts since decades of years in Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Chennai, good shot, pune, Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai and all other states of India and abroad.
Irrespective of type of industry whether its a small scale or large scale, our team of rubber conveyor
belt manufacturers in pune have custom designed to industries like food processing and handling,
packaging, print finishing etc.
Kashetter group of firms have also imported and exported large quantity of materials and products
to the foreign countries. This way we are now one of the most reliable manufacturers of rubber
conveyor belt in Pune.
We offer rubber conveyor belt of different size, width and colour. we can also custom design the
conveyor belts as per your choice of technical specifications that meets the quality standards.
Our team of rubber conveyor belt manufacturers in Pune are very much experienced and has got the
skills of problem solving and design them to be more productive .
Kashetter Group of firms are the manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and the service
providers. Along with manufacturing and distributing the conveyor belts we also manufacture all
other types of products used in the industrial sectors like conveyor rollers, mining rollers, factory
bales, heat resistant conveyor belts, fabric conveyor belts and many more.
The team of manufacturing rubber conveyor belt in Pune Design the products according to the
needs and comforts of the buyers. they also manufacture many other wide varieties of conveyor
belts and the rollers all over the world.
We offer the most safe mode of transportation with three ways, By roadways, by Airways and by
Always feel free to contact us regarding custom design products. Check out our main page for more



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