There has always been a great demand for the conveyor belts in India and the kashetter group of firms
are the most leading and trusted conveyor belt dealers in Delhi. the main purpose of using these belts is
to have a smooth and fast transportation of raw materials and objects from one place to another place,
resulting in decreasing of the manpower.

there are different types of conveyor belts available for different applications in the industrial sectors,
also with a wide range of specifications. and fortunately the kashetter group of firms are offering all the
different types of bells in the high quality and are supplied all over the world with various modes of

We have been the dealers of conveyor belt in Delhi, since more than 40 years. we have different
establishment in different cities and countries, in order to provide the clients with the best services and
make all our products easily available for them.
It has always been a great pleasure for us to guide the customers and explain them about the need of
choosing the best product for particular kind of applications. we have not yet received any of the
negative comments on our sold products, till now.

The cherry groups are known forever quality equipments, where dad designed according to the
standards of Indian and international committees and particularly tested at regular intervals by the
quality experts.
We are not only the conveyor belt dealers, we are also serving as the dealers of gearbox, water
treatment chemicals, different types of rollers, induction motors, rubber sheets, rubber products,
conveyor spares etc.

All the detailed information regarding the above offered products are clearly mentioned on the website.
you can also know more about the complete process of order purchasing and our provided services you
can always feel free to visit us or contact us anytime.



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