Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Afghanistan

Conveyor belts are nothing but the carrying medium offer complete conveyor system which requires
the different modules in order to function properly. they are available in different wait, speed,
purpose construction material etc, And they are delivered to the clients based upon its applicational
requirements only. the computer group of firms has always been one of the best conveyor belt
manufacturers in Afghanistan since last few years.

Using of the conveyor belts and its types at particular application has a lot of benefits and few of the
most basic advantages is that they have the ability of reducing the risk of accidents occurring in the
workspace, the increases the overall efficiency and productivity, the eliminate requirement of the
manual labour, this saves a lot of time and energy resulting in minimizing the overall cost, also they
ensure the safety and quality of the objects transported.

Being the most leading manufacturers of belt conveyor in Afghanistan, we have not only supplied
conveyor belt but also make sure that we are fulfilling all the industrial needs in the entire
Afghanistan. Being the major exports of opium, fruit and tree nut farming, as well as the carpet and
rug mills the industry in Afghanistan, make use of the best and product if equipment from us which
also has certification from the both Indian and international standards.

The cherry groups are not only being the conveyor belt manufacturers here, but also the dealers,
wholesalers, retailers,, suppliers, importers, exporters, distributors and Service providers of
Conveyor belt and all of its types. it’s been more than 55 years since we have started this profession
and the continuous inculcation of the gnu techniques and methodologies have helped us to stand
out of the crowd and to be noted.

There are a lot of other related industrial equipment that are highly recommended for all the types
of industrial sectors and you can know about all these things along with its detailed features and
availability, from our official website.

Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Afghanistan


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