Conveyor belt manufacturers in Agra

Agra is one of the most popular and one of the best industrial place in India which consists of each
and every kind of industrial sectors and is known for producing the most high quality raw materials.
the cherry groups are the most popular conveyor belt manufacturers in Agra since a very long time
and we have been providing with different specified conveyor belts to both small scale and large
scale industries.

the usage of the conveyor belts at different industrial applications makes it enable to all the
industrial sectors to gain more productivity and efficiency. as mentioned, they do consist of a lot of
benefits and few of them to mention are that it decreases the overall cost, increase the life span of
the equipment, not requiring much maintenance, decrease is though time and energy of the
manpower and few more.

being the most popular belt conveyor manufacturers, we have always focused on fulfilling the
demands of the industrial leaves and never compromise with the quality of the product we are
delivering. not only are the specifications available in the conveyor belts, there are also different
types in it.

few of the different and most widely used conveyor belts are, the cold resistant conveyor belt, agro
based conveyor belt, white elevator belt, mining conveyor belt, food grade conveyor belt and many
more. they all do comes in different specifications and they can also be customized as per the
requirement of the customers.

The kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore and it’s been almost more than 55 years
since we have started this business. we have been inculcating the new technologies each and every
year in order to improve our quality of the service. working on improving the quality and being
dedicated to our profession has helped us to gain the trust of thousands of clients worldwide. And
that is the one of the other reason that we are considered to be the best manufacturers of conveyor
belt in Agra.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Agra


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