Conveyor belt manufacturers in Al Safa

Conveyor belts are extensively used worldwide for different kind of applications where there is a
great need for transporting the all kinds of objects and materials from one place to another place.
The kashetter group of firms are the best conveyor belt manufacturers in AI safa.

The cherry belts are most popular in India and we have not only been providing the service within
India but we have also expanded our business an been exporting large wide range of industrial
equipment to the foreign countries also. the inclined conveyor belt, modular conveyor belt, fabric
conveyor belt and many types and it comes with different specifications in its construction material,
its width and length, thickness and few more properties.

if any of the client is having a special requirement you can directly contact us for requesting to
fabricate the customized product as per your specifications. as we have been into this field of
provision for decades of years we have been experienced quite well in this field and fabricate the
most efficient high quality products.

They have been the belt conveyor manufacturers in AI safa for many years and has successfully
delivered many of the customized product still now and we’re so glad to hear that the people as very
well satisfied with the quality we are providing them. The certification we have from the Indian and
international standards are the proof of the standard procedures we are following for fabrication

The other related product of the conveyor belt that we are offering here are, Vulcanising machine,
conveyor belt, conveyor roller, elevator bucket, gearbox, vibrating motors, machinery parts, rubber
sheets and its products, Wire meshes, spare parts, Water treatment chemicals, EPDM sheets etc.
For having business queries you can book an appointment with us and along with manufacturing we
are also providing other services whose complete details you can get on our official website.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Al Safa


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