Conveyor belt manufacturers in Amritsar

Amritsar has different types of industrial sectors and here since ages, we have been the best and
most trusted conveyor belt manufacturers in Amritsar. The main purpose of using the conveyor belts
is that they have the ability to transport though objects from one place to another place as it
consists of a continuous moving band of fabric. they make sure that there is no damage occur to the
objects moving and also there is no damage occurred to the property.

There are different kinds of Conveyor belt available with us with all the necessary specifications.
each and every industrial sectors uses the different specified and different type of conveyor belt.
Because each of the conveyor belt consists of different properties and features and some are
designed particularly for performing certain function.

The conveyor belt manufacturers are greatly in demand everywhere, but the cherry groups not only
manufacture the conveyor belts but we also manufacture the other highly used products like
conveyor roller, water treatment chemicals, wire meshes, rubber sheets and its products, gearbox,
vibrating motors etc.

The main establishment of the kashetter group of firms even Bangalore which was started in the
year 1964 with the Motto of fulfilling the necessary requirements and needs of the industries. we
have never failed to follow the professional methods and steps mentioned on the Indian as well as
international standards during the fabrication process and hence all our product stands high in
quality and are very safe for use.

we are glad to be called as the best and most reliable manufacturers of conveyor belt in Amritsar.
we have developed healthy relationship and trust between the clients here and we have always
followed a fair business with them. To make an order, you can mail us or you can also WhatsApp us
and feel free to ask us any queries. transportation will be provided according to your convenience
and we ship to all the locations in the world.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Amritsar


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