Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Bangladesh

Conveyor belt has always been popular in any type of applications in the industrial sectors. The
conveyor belt consists of the medium of the belt conveyor system, where it has the capability of
transporting the heavy loaded objects from one place to another place here without causing any
kind of damage to the product. The kashetter Group of firms has been one of the best conveyor belt
manufacturers in Bangladesh since many years.

Bangladesh consist of many of the industrial sectors where the clothing, frozen food manufacturing,
leather and hide tanning and finishing, the preparation of the chemical products, hosiery Are the
major exports. Hence for each and every kind of application and purpose special type of conveyor
belts has been designed with the required specifications needed in the industrial sector.

There are different types of conveyor belts available with us normally, that is, roller bed conveyor
belt, flat belt modular conveyor belt, cleated conveyor belt, forward leaning capital yell, curved
conveyor belt, incline conveyor belt, decline conveyor belt, filter conveyor belt, Hinged and index
conveyor belt and many more.

This way, we can manufacture the newly specified type of conveyor belt for a particular application
in the industries if required. we have the certification from the recognized Indian as well as the
international standards on each and every type of conveyor belt with all kinds of specifications that
we have been designing and supplying to almost all kinds of industries in Bangladesh.

We are just so glad to be considered as the best belt conveyor manufacturers in Bangladesh, where
our continuous hard work and dedication towards our field of profession has helped us to achieve
this. we are known for our professionalism and the ethics will follow in every step of business with
our clients and has always maintain the fair business with them providing the high quality and
efficient industrial equipments.

Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Bangladesh


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