Conveyor belt manufacturers in Belgaum

Conveyor belts are nothing but the system that consists of a moving band of fabric for carrying the
objects from one place to another place. the materials are the objects can be anything and that
irrespective of its size and shape. The Kashetter Group of firms has always been the best and most
trusted conveyor belt manufacturers in Belgaum since many years.

we have all the different specified conveyor belts and also different types of belts that are used in
industries for different applications. the main use of conveyor belts is that they can carry the
materials for longer distance the thought creating damage to the property or the object, they can
transports both horizontally and incline ,it saves a lot of energy and time with decreasing the
requirement of the skilled labour.

the same way each and every type of belts has its own specification and features and hence they
have their own benefit for particular application in the industries. Each and every type of belt that
we are manufacturing here consists of the certification from the most recognised Indian standards
and international standards.

When it comes to the application, they can be used for all kinds of industrial sectors and they are
popularly used worldwide. We are so glad to be known as the most reliable manufacturers of
conveyor belt in Belgaum, where we have been providing the various other services along with

for more detailed information regarding the company, our establishment, The services we offer to
the clients, about the rates and the complete list of the products and chemicals fear offering right
now, and also about the present offers available, all these details can be known by visiting our
official website and if you still face any kind of difficulty or have any queries you can directly contact
us through the WhatsApp number all either you can also mail us and visit us personally.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Belgaum


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