Conveyor belt manufacturers in Bhadravati

Conveyor belt consist of the benefit of transportation of different kinds of objects respective of size
and shape from one place to another place very effectively and in a very short period of time. they
are being used worldwide in all kinds of industrial sectors and are the most popularly used industry
equipment everywhere. we have been the largest conveyor belt manufacturers in Bhadravati since
many years.

The kashetter group of firms was established in 1964 and since then we have been manufacturing
the different specified conveyor belts and distributing them all over India. Till now we have supplied
not only in Bhadravati, but also to the most important metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Kolkata,
Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Kanpur, Surat, Nagpur, Jaipur, pune, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad,
Noida, Hyderabad, etc.

Being the most popular belt conveyor manufacturers we have always been hard working and
dedicated to our work, and has never compromised with following the professional methods and
practises in the process of fabrication and business. we make sure that each and every equipment
that we are fabricating is well designed using the high quality raw materials and get the certification
from the most recognised Indian standards and international standards also.

We have been the best and most trusted manufacturers of conveyor belt in Bhadravati since many
years where we are providing the belt conveyor in its different specifications pertaining to its width,
length, thickness, type of application, it’s construction material, the physical and chemical properties

All the clients can get the complete information about the business queries by visiting us at your
convenient time or you can also contact us through WhatsApp for detailed information and booking
appointment. We have the transportation facilities available to all the clients by roadways, railways
and Airways at all the locations in the world.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Bhadravati


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