Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Bhutan

The main industries in Bhutan are majorly of the cement, wood products, calcium carbide, alcoholic
beverages, processed fruits and few more. The kashetter Group of firms has considered to be one of
the most popular and leading conveyor belt manufacturers in Bhutan since many years and here we
have been not only the manufacturer Of conveyor belt but also the conveyor rollers and other major
machinery parts.

The most basic fundamental duty of the conveyor belt is that they have the capability of transferring
each and every sized and different shaped objects and materials from one place to another place.
but there are different types of conveyor belts available in the market and depending upon the
applicational requirements in the industries the type of the conveyor belt is chosen.

Each and every kind of industries in Bhutan make use of the conveyor belts in the best way possible
as they can increase the industries efficiency and productivity, saving a lot of time and energy and
eliminating the requirement of the manual labour. also they can transport the material side are
inclined, vertical or even horizontally.

Till now the kashetter Group of firms has been supplying the different types and specified conveyor
belts to the industries like mining, automotive, warehouse and logistics, packaging industries,
agriculture and industries, food and beverage, pharmaceutical industries and many more.

The kashetter group of firms has been into this field of business since 1964 and since then we have
been very much dedicated to our profession and has always maintained the fair business with all our
clients and has never compromised with following the professional ethics. This has helped us in
being one of the best manufacturers of the conveyor belt in Bhutan. For orders, Or even for
customized orders all you have to do is just whatsapp us.

Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Bhutan


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