Conveyor belt manufacturers in Bijapur

Kashetter group of firms has been the most leading conveyor belt manufacturers in Bijapur since a
very long time where we have been shipping all the kinds and types of convertibles used for all kinds
of industrial sectors. the main and most common advantage of using the conveyor belts in the
industries is that, they have the ability to transport the heavier objects from one place to another
place quickly and without getting disintegrated from the conveyor.

there are lot more advantages and benefits of using the conveyor belts act different industrial
sectors and for different applications. depending upon the application in the industry, the conveyor
belts and its specifications are chosen. as we are offering all the types of conveyor belts and has an
experience of more than decades in this field, we can customize the Belts according to your

Kashetter groups have been the best manufacturers of belt conveyor in Bijapur since the
establishment of this firm. The firm was established in the year 1964 in the place called Bangalore
where we started this work by following all the professional methods and with the motor of
satisfying the demands of the industrial needs.

You can get more information about the different types of convertibles, its specifications and its
application on our official website. all about designed products and get me girls have the
certification from the ISO standards. We’re just glad to know that we were able to fulfil the
demands of the clients and are able to gain the trust of our clients.

We are not only the conveyor belt manufacturers within India, we are also exporting large
quantities of industrial product’s and water treatment chemicals to many of the foreign countries
and have successfully covered almost each and every continent in the world.
it is so simple for you to make an order as you can directly know the complete information from our
website and whatsapp us for orders and booking appointment with us.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Bijapur


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