Conveyor Belt manufacturers in China

Conveyor belts has always been popular in each and every type of industrial sectors all over the
world. the cherry groups are considered to be one of the best conveyor belt manufacturers in China
since many years. China being one of the most popular country for its growth and technology has
the different types of industrial sectors and has been one of the great revenue contributing country
in the world.

Some of the major different varieties of conveyor belt that are available With us for shipping always
are, the inclined conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, mining conveyor belt, white hygienic
conveyor belt, oil resistant conveyor belt, corrosion resistant conveyor belt, stainless steel conveyor
belt etc.

The kashetter group of firms for the established in 1964 in India, with having the major focus on
fulfilling each and every kind of demands of the industrial needs. hence we have always been
working on our fabrication process and it’s quality and never failed to produce the quality raw
materials. we have not only been the conveyor belt manufacturers but we are also the
manufacturers of the conveyor rollers and it’s related machinery parts as well as the water
treatment chemicals.

It is very fortunate to know that, we have been recognized for our professionalism and the ethics we
have followed since the beginning with all our clients by maintaining the fair business with them and
taking into account their valuable suggestions and kept improving them.
The each and every small changes that we have inculcated in our process has helped us
tremendously and this has been one of the best reason for being considered as the most leading
manufacturers of belt conveyor in China. you can visit our official website for knowing further
complete details about each and every kind of products we are offering.

Conveyor Belt manufacturers in China


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