Conveyor belt manufacturers in Dubai

Dubai is one of the largest and most popular indusrial area in the world. It consists of all kinds of
industrial sectors mainly focusing on manufacturing industry and petroleum industries. the
Kashetter group of firms have been supplying different types of conveyor belts under the related
products since a very long time and we have been one of the best conveyor belt manufacturers in

After different types of conveyor belts available in different specifications, it is very important to
choose them wisely as each and every type of conveyor belt has its own benefits and features which
can be used only for certain applications in the industries.

The cherry groups are not only the best manufacturers of conveyor belt in Dubai we have also been
one of the best suppliers of water treatment chemicals since many years. we have all the different
varieties of materials and products that are all widely used in the industries consisting of the
certification from the Indian as well as the international standards.

The cherry groups has not only been the belt conveyor manufacturers we are also the dealers,
wholesalers, exporter’s, importers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and service providers of
conveyor belt and its types, machinery parts, water treatment chemicals, conveyor rollers how many

Few of the most common advantages of all the conveyor belt is that they can effectively transport
the materials and objects of high weight from one place to another place without causing damage to
the product. they saves a lot of time and energy of the workers and helping decreasing the overall
cost of the industries, helping in achieving the overall productivity of the industry.

one of the other advantage of using the bells are there available in different types and hence they
can be used to support the horizontal, vertical as well as the inclined transportation.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Dubai


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